Sue Morais is a mixed media artist in Australia and the face behind The Inspired Within, an art project that explores contemporary analogue and digital collage art.

The Inspired Within began as a creative escape during a period of mental vulnerability. Despite working in the creative field, I had never explored using my skills to create something for myself. When I did, I discovered the immense potential of art to heal.

Similar to the beautiful mosaic of human existence, The Inspired Within is about exploring my inner world through a combination of images, colours patterns and textures. Some of my pieces tell stories of my journey of connecting to my own identity, my spirituality and beyond, while in others, I invite you to connect with the piece and define your own journey.

At times, I uncover the meanings as I progress, while other times I create with a specific emotion or intention in mind. Occasionally, images flash into my mind, and I endeavour to faithfully replicate the message my inner self wishes to convey.

I truly believe that art serves as a powerful catalyst for change, and it has the ability to evoke emotions and spark conversations.
Since 2021, The Inspired Within has been using contemporary collage art to raise awareness and alleviate the hunger situation in Brazil, my homeland. 

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Thank you so much for supporting my art.

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